First Baptist Church School

Application Process

The Application Process

The following steps are required to complete the administration process:


Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a classroom and school tour.

Call For Inquiry


Submit a completed application for enrollment, copies of required records, and a nonrefundable application processing fee of $75 per student.


Once application is received and processed, you will be called to set up a test date and time for your child. Please note, if the student has a current IEP or is receiving any special education services, a copy of all paperwork is required at the time of application, and prior to any entrance testing.


After your child has been evaluated, the Admissions Committee will meet to determine whether or not you will be offered a contract for enrollment. Possible outcomes include a request for more information or an additional observation/evaluation time, a contract offer for the class for which you applied, a contract offer for a class below that for which you applied, a “provisional” contract offer, or no contract offered.

Admissions decisions are determined by the Committee’s evaluation of several factors: the application for enrollment, previous school records, entrance examination scores, and our assessment of the student’s ability to benefit from this educational environment.


You will be notified of the admission committee’s decision in writing, and if offered a contract, please submit the signed contract, non-refundable entrance fee of $300, and $350 tuition deposit within 10 business days. A signed contract is binding for the entire school year. No refunds on signed contracts will be issued. Please see contract for details. Those paying monthly will be required to purchase tuition insurance.

Admissions Investment

At First Baptist Church School your tuition dollars pay for outstanding, certified teachers, a small student-to-teacher ratio (K5 – 1st 16:1;  2nd –  8th 18:1), all books, facilities, equipment, etc. needed for the school year. Non-mandatory fundraisers are held annually to supplement classroom technology, equipment and facility upgrades, etc.

Initial fees to the tuition schedule below include a $75 application fee, $300 enrollment fee (new student, 1 time) and an annual $350 tuition deposit (which is subtracted from the tuition once the school year begins).

Outside the tuition, parents are responsible for purchasing school supplies, school uniforms, and lunches for their children. There will be opportunities to purchase school apparel such as T-shirts, Sweatshirts, etc. throughout the year.

Tuition covers the 8 AM – 3 PM school day unless otherwise noted. After-school care until 5:30 PM is additional.

Tuition Schedule

  • 11 Monthly Payments deducted by ACH draft the 5th of the month, July-May
  • A non-refundable tuition payment (deposit) of $350 is due when the contract is submitted and accepted and is included in the above amounts.
  • If student enrolls after the first monthly payment is drafted in July, monthly payments will be calculated and divided evenly among the remaining draft months (through May)
  • If student enrolls after the school year has begun, the tuition will be prorated based on the period of time the child is enrolled.
  • Some Financial Aid is available each year and is typically awarded in May for the next school year. Once you have been accepted to the school you may receive a Financial Aid Application.